The campaign

Lloret de Mar presents a new tourist campaign featuring locals

The campaign is targeted at tourists from nearby areas and consists of three short videos to be broadcast on Catalan and French TV in May and June, along with a series of actions in online media and social networks.

The protagonists were chosen through a public call for participants from Lloret de Mar.

“Lloret the way I like it” shows Lloret from a very personal perspective, through the eyes of locals, which is why they did some of the filming themselves.

Adopting a “like a local” approach, the Lloret Turisme team is launching a new promotional campaign with real-life protagonists. These locals have become ambassadors for Lloret de Mar, showing us their favourite spots in the town.

Three videos have been made for the TV campaign with three sets of protagonists: a family, a retired couple and a group of friends, all of whom were either born and bred in Lloret or spend their leisure time here. For the video shoot they were provided with cameras to record some of their special moments in Lloret.

Around 20 Lloret locals have been involved in the campaign, taking photos of their favourite spots, all with the goal of inviting the local population to showcase the Lloret they like, steering clear of the stereotypes related exclusively to mass tourism in the town.

Bolos Pla family

- We like Lloreeeeeet! -

Bàrbara and Héctor have lived in Lloret all their lives and have two daughters, Mar and Ona. “We’re always in Lloret,” they say. Going for a walk along the coastal footpaths, riding scooters along the promenade, “hunting frogs” among the rocks, playing in the town’s woods... For them there’s nowhere like Lloret and they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the world.

For the video shoot, they decided to organise an excursion to one of their favourite spots: the coastal footpath that winds its way past Castell d’en Plaja and ends up at Cala Trons. 

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Roser and Vicenç

- You bet we like Lloret! -

Altough Vicenç is originally from Blanes, Roser is a born-and-bred local and Lloret is where they decided to build their lives together after falling in love. “Some people think Lloret just grew out of nothing,” explain the couple, now retired (only recently, they point out!). That’s why they chose Lloret’s most stunning beauty spots for an activity-packed day out: fishing, Nordic walking next to the sea, a visit to Santa Clotilde Gardens and a relaxing stroll around the town centre with thechurchofSant Romàin the background, followed by lunch on one of the promenade’s best terraces, Atics La Carpa.

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Estefanía and her friends

- What more can you ask for? Another weekend in Lloret? -

Although not originally from Lloret, Estefania loves it as much as a born-and-bred local. She decided to take part in the campaign because she has a second home in Lloret and felt she owed it to the town. The first time she was invited to come here she almost refused, put off by all the stereotypes she’d heard. But now she’s fallen in love with the place. For this adventure she wanted to invite two of her closest friends, Carlos andCarolina, to come and discover Lloret with her. After going for a run, taking in some stunning beauty spots set against the blue sea and green pines, they went for a dip at Sa Boadella, one of Estefania’s favourite beaches, where they indulged in her favourite beach activities: relaxing, enjoying the Sa Boadella beach bar and getting lost in the beauty of Lloret.

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